Meteors and Impact Craters
This unit contains resources about meteors, meteorites, and impact craters.

Workshop Presentations

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Online lecture Click here to view a streaming lecture discussing meteors and impact craters. (~38 minutes)

Classroom Activities (coming soon)


Online Video and Media Resources

Recreating Asteroid Strike That Killed Dinosaurs. This video discusses simulation experiments to study meteorite impacts and the Chixculub crater that is the impact site responsible for a mass extinction event (including dinosaurs). Science Channel.

Planetary CSI: Crater Science Investigations. This short video considers how impact craters change with time after them form.NASA Planetary Sciences.

Lynn Carter Planetary Geologist. This video profiles a young female planetary geologist that studies planetary surfaces and impaact craters. NASA Planetary Sciences.

Comets Bombard the Early Earth. This video considers the relationship between meteorite/comet impacts and the origin of life. In addition, it discusses a period in the early history of the solar system called the "late heavy bombardment" when planetary impacts were significantly greater. PBS NOVA.

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Useful Websites

NASA (main website) This is the main entry point for NASA's extensive web resources. You can enter different areas such as NASA mission websites including data and news, educational resources and image/multimedia collections.

NASA Missions This page lists past, current and future NASA missions and is a great starting point for investigating the wide variety of NASA missions and investigations.

NASA Education Resources Database This NASA website is a searchable database on NASA-developed educational resources, activities, lesson plans, and webquests.

NASA Science This is the website of the NASA Science Mission Directorate. It includes mission information, data and resources for current missions in the following areas: Earth, Heliophysics, Planets and Astrophysics.

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NGSS Disciplinary Core Ideas

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Common Scientific Misconceptions

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